We firmly believe, that our planet has to be better connected, more efficient, and less wasteful. Thus our mission is to help every business grow and prosper through what we know best-data cloud communications.

The story of our business takes place in the USA, where a couple of like minded people became deeply discontent with the way this industry is run.This team had the mindset to go out, connect with industry experts and telecom professionals to start building what soon has become something more than a business-now Compro Inc is a multi national purpose driven venture, set off for innovation, automation and delivering the solutions for tomorrow’s problems today. We are just in the beginning of our path, however it is evident that more people have a chance to try our products and services-the better place this industry becomes.

We envisage that through bypassing unnecessary steps, cutting unwanted corners and solving unwanted issues each and every business has a strong chance of survival. We also think, that companies that are not taking automation seriously are choosing a very bumpy road ahead-computers will take over the world in this century so instead of fighting it we should choose to embrace change and the opportunities that come with it. Therefore it is our main and primary goal-to keep organised communication solutions under one solid roof making sure that our optimistic vision gets materialised.

There’s so much we value in this life, that it is hard to nail it down to a couple of bullet points. Focus is one of our core values, that’s why we have made it very clear from the beginning that our clients, suppliers, providers and employees know where we are going. With so much value on focus validated learning and building long-term goals relationships we see this can only be accomplished with a customer centric approach. With this approach in mind each day at Compro Inc we think it is a new challenge and adventure – because we have raised our own bar high……